C-A-T Tourniquet


C-A-T Tourniquet Features:

1. Single Routing Buckle – Decreases blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns, simplified training with single protocol application standards.

2. Windlass Rod – Increased diameter, enhanced strength, aggressive ribbing improves grip.

3. Windlass Clip – Bilateral bevelled entry, rapid windless lock, bilateral buttress, added strength.

4. Windlass Strap – New reinforced strap, grey colour for tactical considerations (black only).

5. Stabilisation Plate – Reinforced, bevelled contact bar, improved comfort.

6. Free-moving Internal Band – Patented band within a band, truly even distribution of circumferential pressure.

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The C-A-T Tourniquet Generation 7

The highly acclaimed C-A-T Tourniquet is used by Armed Forces and Emergency Service Personel across the world.

The C-A-T Tourniquet is ideal for the following industries:

  • Tree Surgeons
  • Construction
  • Emergency Services
  • Anyone who operates equipment that could cause a catastrophic bleed.

Read The Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care Position statement on the application of Tourniquets.

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